About Baise and its goals

Baise was founded by a group of students who shared a passion for AI and its potential to drive positive change. As students, they saw firsthand the impact that AI and data could have on various industries, and they wanted to be part of the driving force behind this change.

The goal of Baise is to be a catalyst for progress and growth in the field of AI and data in the Netherlands. They aim to help companies and individuals stay informed and up-to-date on the latest trends and technologies in the field. This will allow them to make better decisions, stay competitive, and ultimately drive progress and growth in the industry.

Gap between Academia and Industry

As students, the founders of Baise were frustrated with the disconnect between the education they were receiving at university and the real-world applications of the technology. They found that their education was focused heavily on academic research and theory, with little emphasis on the practical applications and business implications of AI.

There was a gap between the knowledge and skills that were being taught in universities and the needs of businesses and industries that are actively implementing AI.

Many companies are looking for individuals who have a strong understanding of the technology and its applications in the real world, but universities are not providing the necessary training and experience to meet this demand.
Companies, become a partner.

The lack of opportunities to connect with companies and industry professionals while in school made it difficult for the founders of Baise to gain the practical experience and connections that are necessary to succeed in the field after graduation.
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Bridging the Gap

Baise was founded to bridge this gap between academia and industry by providing a platform for students and professionals to connect, collaborate, and drive innovation in the field of AI.

They provide training and development opportunities that align with the needs of businesses and connect students and professionals with industry leaders and companies.

In short, the founders of Baise saw the need for a more hands-on and practical approach to AI education. They wanted to provide a platform for students and professionals to connect with industry and gain real-world experience. By doing so, they aim to drive progress and growth in the field of AI and data in the Netherlands.