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The demand for data scientists and AI experts is growing rapidly and is expected to continue to do so. However, there is a shortage of qualified professionals in the field. One way to address this shortage is by hiring students and recent graduates, who can provide adaptability and a willingness to learn new skills. In addition, hiring students can offer flexibility and the ability to delegate tasks, increasing the efficiency of a business.

Data scientist have been very popular for quite some time in almost every industry thinkable. With the ever-persisting grow of technology developments, it’s no surprise that the demand for data scientists and Ai experts keeps on growing and growing. Data experts are a vital tool for organizations because they can provide insights and understanding of big and unstructured sets of data. On top of that, there is a trend for businesses to collect more and more consumer data, leading to a big demand in experts in artificial intelligence, data management and machine learning..
Even though the demand for data scientists and AI experts is expanding, there is a big shortage in the supply. The Harvard Business Review recently revealed that the demand for qualified data scientists will see more growth between now and 2029 than any other job field. Keeping up with this new demand for experts in the field can be quite challenging, but this shortage can easily be resolved by hiring students. Here are some simple reasons why you should hire students and enhance your business!
Hiring a student or recent graduate offers a certain flexibility. They are situated in the middle of a rapid changing development of technology, making them more used to changes in the technological resources used in the workplace. This adaptability also comes from the fact that this younger generation has always been more dependent on technology. Students are more open to new digital gadgets and solutions. This is a crucial quality, especially in the industry of artificial intelligence and data, because this industry is characterized by a rapid development of science that keeps on speeding up and changing direction. This generation of students is right in the middle of this development, making them more up to date with recent progress in data science.
Thinking long term
Students and recent graduates are easier to manage than seniors who are already set in their ways. This means that if the younger generation is provided with training and opportunities to develop their skills, they are more likely to stay and grow with the company. This way they can be trained for higher positions, preventing the need to hire some outside the business to fill the role. Reducing the turnover rate by keeping employees is important because it locks in talent into the company, ensuring more stability in the long term.
Benefit from delegation
Another obvious benefit that comes from hiring students at your company is the fact that this can take away workload from already busy senior employees, allowing them to focus on that they do best. By delegating tasks that may be better suited to younger employees, the efficiency of your business increases. A London School of Management research shows that delegation also increases the total productivity of companies. And this is where an employed student can prove useful; because of their flexibility they can adapt themselves to a variety of different tasks.
In addition to the reasons mentioned above, students and recent graduates are more eager to embrace change. They won’t hesitate to master new skills. This is a trait that proves crucial in the very dynamic field of data science and machine learning. In particular, this translates to the fact that they will welcome training and courses to learn different skills.
Steps that follow
If you’re looking to achieve a higher productivity and efficiency rate for your business, you’ve come to the right place. At Baise, we connect ambitious and talented data and artificial intelligence students looking for practical experience with companies. We aim to offer the best fit possible for your business. The advantages of student employment are clear; it offers flexibility, allows you to delegate, and on top of that an array of employees who are eager to learn the latest skills required.

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Published on
December 7, 2022
Philip Gast

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