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AI-powered solutions for your sales challenges

Transforming your key sales challenges into unprecedented opportunities through AI. We have outlined some potential usecases

Automated Offer Generation

Creating custom offers is time-consuming, right? Not anymore. Our AI streamlines the process, so your agents can focus on sealing the deal."

Automated Lead Generation

Struggling with lead generation? We can automate various platforms to find prospects who are actually interest.

24/7 Support via Intelligent Chatbot

Customer queries overwhelming your team? Our chatbots handle up to 90% of customer support tasks, letting your team focus on what matters.

AI-enhanced Sales Training

Spending too much time training new agents? Our AI chatbots use your existing manuals for effective, time-efficient training modules.

Predictive Forecasting

Budgeting without accurate forecasts? Our AI gives you precise sales predictions based on real-time data, enabling smarter financial planning.

Smart Customer Segmentation

Unsure about customer targeting? Our AI tools segment your audience perfectly, so you can personalize marketing and allocate resources wisely.

Our process: from AI zero to hero

We start with a foundational workshop to identify your unique sales challenges, followed by a consultative approach to develop custom AI solutions. The process culminates in a fully integrated, centralized AI system to automate and optimize your sales functions.

01 : Educate
AI workshop for sales teams

- Understanding AI
- Generative vs. Traditional AI
- Demos of AI tools
- Become a ChatGPT wizard
- Tailored AI session for your usecases
- Customized to your wishes

Deliverable: a comprehensive Workshop Knowledge Package—slides, tool overview, and a guide to crafting high-impact ChatGPT prompts

02 : DISCOVER & Define
Sales process analysis

- AI tool recommendations
- Custom prompts

‍- Usecase prioritization
- Implementation roadmap

Deliverable: AI Integration Blueprint which combines all above elements

03 : Develop & Integrate
Custom AI tool development

- Custom tool per usecase
- Seamless integration
- User training
- Quality assurance
- Ongoing support

Examples: chatbots for support/onboarding/ lead generation, proposal generation systems, analytics & forecasting

Why choose us

Immediate business value with generative AI

90% of traditional AI models never make it into production. We focus on generative AI, to assure immediate business impact and ROI.

Human-centric solutions

We design our tools to complement, not replace, human intelligence. We want to make AI your trusted partner, so you can focus on what you do best

End-to-end services

We offer a full spectrum of services, from initial consultation to tool development and ongoing support. Everyone claims to be an AI expert, but we actually have the in-house degrees to also build your solutions

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