Become a Baise player.

Being a data or AI student nowadays is tough. You're probably freezing your butt off to keep gas prices low; you're spending way too much on groceries thanks to inflation; and you know you don't even have to think about getting that PS5.

What if we told you can turn that around by putting your rare skills to work? While gaining real life job experience at the same time? And all of that brought to you in an easy and accessible way? If that's what you want, you want to become a Baise player.

At Baise, we connect brains with business. Baise is the platform for students of data & AI who want to kickstart their career, who want to learn, grow and connect with people in the industry of data & AI. We offer relevant student positions in a variety of projects at several different companies, for example: for a brewery interested in optimizing their brewing process and reduce losses though data we need a data scientist. Or you can join a team designing a dashboard that will deliver vital insights to a company.

Next to help you landing your next part time project, Baise can also bring you into contact with people in the industry of data & AI. We're in close contact with several companies looking for data and AI talent. Via our fast growing community, we make it easy for you to reach out to them and connect. And we keep you in the loop about kick-ass AI events and other cool get-togethers.

So how does it work? Like we said, it's easy: just go our website. Here you find more about our projects and how you can show your interest. And if you don't see your perfect match, we'd like to hear what you`re looking for. So tell us about your experience, your personality as well as your demands and we'll get back to you with more details within 48 hours. Easy, simple and without obligation.

But the coolest thing about Baise: it's unique. It's new and it’s highly-sophisticated– like the people we're aiming for. We want to grow and evolve – just like you. We therefore invite you to join us and become a Baise player.

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Published on
December 7, 2022
Philip Gast

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